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Admission Policy

The Joshua School of Ministry exists to serve the Christian community. As such, classes are open to all believers regardless of gender, race, age, color or education. Potential students are assessed according to their personal testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and evidence of their Christian faith. The Joshua School of Ministry reserves the right to refuse admission to any person the School deems to fail to meet the admission requirements.


Admission Process


Apply online and pay all fees through the website.

Applications can also be mailed to The Joshua Ministry at

1772 Enid Drive
Lithonia, Georgia 30058

Include a check or money order, payable to The Joshua Ministry, for all applicable fees.

Class Locations

Institute Tuition/Fee Schedule

The Application Fee is a one time fee. If a student withdraws before class begins, the one-time application fee is no-refundable. 



Application Fee

Course Fee (Online/Live)

Session Fee (Online/Live)

Cancellation Fee

Returned Check Fee

We provide scholarships where applicable.


Payment Options:

  1. Full Payment of $1800.00 - by mail or at PayPal through our website.

  2. Two-Installment Plan is two payments of $900.00 each.

  3. Three-Installment Plan is three payments of $600.00 each.

  4. Four-Installment Plan is four payments of $450.00 each.

  5. Monthly payments of $150.

Debit and Credit Cards can only be used for the full payment option. Please mail payments to:

1772 Enid Drive
Lithonia, GA 30058

Refund Policy

Any student who submits a written statement of withdrawal from class will receive a refund. The withdrawal request can be submitted either in person, by mail or postal service.


•If a student withdraws before class begins, the one-time application fee and a $50.00 cancellation fee will be assessed.

•In the event of a class being cancelled, a student will receive a full refund of all unearned tuition.

•If a student terminates before the second class session, 80% of all unearned tuition will be refunded.

•If a student terminates before the third class session, 70% of all unearned tuition will be refunded.

•No refunds will be issued after the third week of class.

Student Pledge

Every student enrolled in The Joshua Ministry School of Evangelism, or Associate Minister School of Leadership, will pledge the following:



  • Strive for excellence in all learning and in the implementation of that same learning.

  • Submit to the authority of Scripture in all matters of belief and practice.

  • Respect those in authority at School locations.

  • Respect each individual student as a brother and sister in Christ.

  • Engage in a lifestyle that is consistent with the example of Jesus and the teachings of Scripture.

Persons failing to adhere to these character and lifestyle requirements will be subject to temporary suspension or permanent dismissal from The Joshua School of Evangelism or Associate Ministry School of Leadership. 

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