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Joshua Ministry Entrepreneur Impact Center 

3299 Rainbow Drive

Decatur, Georgia 30034

Phone 404 486-6773 

Fax 404 486-5733

Our community is wrestling with poverty, crime and consequently, a lack of healthy self-esteem. In most cases, a good job and steady source of income will help elevate these problems. At the same time, I believe, as Jesus did, that meeting the need of people is not the governments responsible but the church. 


In addition, with job loss and the economic impact our communities have experienced, the church must step up and prioritize job creation and security as part of its community outreach, if she is to truly minister to the whole person and community. With this in mind, the  Joshua Ministry Has partnered with Greenforest Community Development Corporation to form an Entrepreneurial Impact Center. create the Vocational and Entrepreneurship Impact Center. We are seeking support for the Academy which will go toward a holistic ministry that will address several crises in our community, specifically through employment and entrepreneurship.

The Vocational and Entrepreneurship Impact Center is a unique place which will meet a pressing need for those who are unemployed or seeking to switch careers in a changing job market. 


Youth Training

We exist to address unemployment and provide job training for those seeking to switch careers or re enter the workforce. 


Proposed areas of training 

- Carpentry

- Roof repair

- Plumbing

- Electrical work

- Computer repair

- Lawn care and maintenance

- Auto body repair

- Professional driving

- Culinary skills

- Beauty Shop 
 - Yard Maintenance (emphasis on ownership) 
- Retail (with an emphases on management development)
- Delivery and Route sales (emphases on ownership of trucking fleet) 
 - Grocery Store worker (emphasis in department head and management) 
 - Marketing (emphasis on how to market their own business or product) 
- Carpet and Home cleaning (emphasis in ownership) 
- Investments (learning how investment vehicles work) own business mark able 
- Auto Detail (emphasis in starting residential and commercial business) 
- Food Service (preparation of food and how the Fast Food industry runs)
- Family Business (emphasis in generational continuity) 
- Creating an Online Business
- Computer programs and Repair 

Strategically, the Impact Center will utilize local business owners to provide training in the area of their expertise. This will not only foster community involvement organically but also create relationships between trainees and established business owners. After receiving a certificate of completion,  the Joshua  Ministry Impact Center will be seek employment from various local businesses. In addition, the academy will provide small grants for select graduates to start their own businesses. The academy will seek grant funding, along with contributions from local businesses, churches, and private donations to help fund start-up grants for graduates. 
This radical form of 21st century ministry is needed and will have tremendous impact for our communities. Your support will be invaluable in in the lives of our men, women and the children they count on. Please contribute your best gift as we seek to provide the best, holistic ministry to those in need. 

Dr. David  Hopewell Sr.

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