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Soul Winning Workshop (Webinar)

Two hour session

$49.95 per member



Beginning on September 12, we will offer training through our "Soul Winning Workshop." The workshop is offered every 2nd and 4th Saturdays. The time for the workshop is two hours and the start time depends on which time zone you live. 


The following sessions will be taught.

  • Preparing for the Harvest
  • State of the Unbeliever
  • Condition of the Harvest
  • Spiritual Warefare and Evangelism
  • God's Word at Work in the Life of the Lost
  • The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Lost
  • The Witness of the Believer
  • Evangelism Styles
  • Condition of the Labor
  • Intersession Prayer
  • Tools in our Hands
  • Gospel Presentation
  • Principles for Successful Evangelism

Soul Winning Workshop (Webinar)

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