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School of Evangelism


Course I
What Every Student Needs to Know About Evangelism
This course exams some basics relative to evangelism.

Course II
The State of the Unbeliever
This course exams lostness and our response to those who are down and out.

Course III
Intercession Prayer
This course examines the importance of prayer and its effect on the atmosphere, lost person, and the believer.

Course IV
Understanding Demographics
This course introduces types of demographics and their use relative to outreach.

Course V
Gospel Presentation and Testimony
This course examines the components of the gospel presentation and our testimony. Role-playing is suggested for each to help ensure effectiveness during its communication to others.

Course VI
Evangelism Styles
This course prepares the student to approach people based on their personality type.

Course VII
Cults, other Religions, and Alternative Life-Styles
This course examines basic beliefs and trends of cults and other religions, and how- to reach them with the gospel.

Course VIII
How-to Reach Youth
This course examines youth and ways to reach them.

Course IX
During this course, the student engages in doing. The student will approach someone and engage in conversation and sharing their testimony and gospel.

Course X
Strategy Development
Student will develop a strategy to reach their community.

Certificates will be issued in both course

Joshua Ministry School of Associate Minister Training

Course 1
Spiritual Formation Part I - Introduction of the Spiritual Growth Process
Spiritual Formation Part 2 - Sovereign Foundations/early years
Spiritual Formation Part 3 - Inner-Life Growth/ character development
Spiritual Formation Part 4 - Ministry Maturing/ministry preparation and testing.
Spiritual Formation Part 5 - Life Maturing/promotion and testing
Spiritual Formation Part 6 - Convergence/ when it all comes together
Spiritual Formation Part 7 - Heart Shaping

Course II
What Every Pastor Desires From their Associate Minister
This course examines expectations of pastors

Course III
Types of Leaders
This course exams various types of leaders and their functions.s

Course IV
The Role of the Pastor and Associate
This course examines the roles of the pastor and associate minister.

Course V
When Not to Scratch the "Itch"
This course focuses on the struggles associates have with leaving a ministry. How and when should an associate leave? We will exam times, seasons, premature leaving, and the fullness of time.

VI Who Are You Serving Under?
This course examines releasing associates, and ministry conflict relative to possessive pastors.

Course VII
Covering Weakness in Leadership
This course exams leadership weakness and how to handle it as an associate minister.

Course VIII
This course examines spiritual gifts and their functions.

Course IX
The Great Commission
This course examines the Great Commission, strategies to reach their communities, and preaching. Students will be ask to develop an outreach strategy to reach their community.

Course X
Preaching and Sermons
This course examines the art of preaching and sermon preparation.

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